Trichomoniasis in men is very common. It is considered as one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases or STDs that is curable. Even people who are infected with the disease often do not know that they are infected with the disease until they feel symptoms, which do not always show. Thus, the disease is spread without the infected person’s knowledge. And because of this, trichomoniasis has become one of the most commonly spread sexually transmitted diseases.

Why is Trichomoniasis So Common?

Because the symptoms of trichomoniasis in men do not often show to all infected persons, men can pass this infection to their partners without realizing it. The same also goes for infected women; thus, men are easily infected without the couple’s knowledge, making the infection so common.

The symptoms of trichomoniasis in men are almost the same as the symptoms present in women. Burning sensation after urination, irritation in the urethra and penile discharges are some of the symptoms that are often present in people that are infected with trichomoniasis in men. But, as mentioned, a person that doesn’t show the symptoms cannot be considered as infection-free. Thus, diagnosis from a doctor, through lab tests, is the only way to determine whether a person has the infection or not.

Trichomoniasis in Men

  • Treatment for Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is one of the most curable infections. With just a single dose of antibiotic medication, patients can be cured from the infection. Metronidazole and  Tinidazole are often prescribed by health care providers to cure the infection and ease the symptoms that trichomoniasis in men gives.

Preventing the Spread of TrichomoniasisBut even though a patient has already taken medication, that doesn’t mean that he is already infection-free. The symptoms should fade away before the person is deemed as cured. This usually takes only a week. This is also the recommended amount of time that patients need to wait before they can resume participating in any sexual activity.

Prevention of the infection is easy. There are different methods on how to avoid getting infected with trichomoniasis.

  • Condoms

Using latex condoms is one of the ways to avoid getting infected or spreading the disease. But because condoms cannot overcome everything, it is still advisable to take extra care when participating in sexual activities particularly with a new partner.

  • Tests

Trichomoniasis is easily diagnosed through appropriate laboratory tests. Thus, getting tested is one of the ways to prevent spreading the infection. Knowing that a person is a carrier will greatly help diminish the chances of spreading the disease because the infected person can get treated and can do means to avoid spreading trichomoniasis in men.

  • Honesty

Being honest with a partner is one of the foolproof ways to prevent spreading the disease. Having only one partner greatly diminishes the chances of getting infected with trichomoniasis. Also, undergoing tests and revealing the results to one another before engaging in any sexual activity is encouraged to prevent getting infected or infecting another person with any kind of sexually transmitted disease.